API 570/510 Online Exam Preparation Saves Money

API 570/510 online exam prep saves time, money, and is convenient.

I have found it odd for a while now that the API exam preparation was not given in a US based online format. When trying to prepare for the API 510 or 570, we all know what a hassle it can be to attend a prep class. The first problem for many people is having to take off work. This of course means you don't get paid. Some companies actually do pay someone who is taking the course, but not all of them do. Generally the courses have been given in the spring in the fall. As we all know those are turnaround seasons. This means that when you take off work you miss over time which has a much bigger impact on your paycheck. A person can lose as much as $6,000 per week of missed work. This is before they pay for the travel expenses and lodging which can be around $1,000 a week. So if that person is  taking a two-week class it could cost them $14,000 in lost wages and travel expenses. This could bring the total cost with training material, exam prep class, and the actual exam up to $16,500. I know this is the extreme top level, but who do you know that wants to lose even $3,000 to travel and sit in a classroom for a week?
Taking the API training online will save a person a lot of money. Atlas API Training has recently launched an online API 510 course. The online API 570 will be available in the fall. Here is the link. http://www.atlasapitraining.com/

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