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Thanks for providing such a thorough training program online. This will be my study method for my next certification in the fall/winter of this year for the API 653.
- Darius

Hi Hannon,

I completed a 570 course with you in 2016( I passed got 96% on exam thanks to your online course)

Limerick, Ireland

Hello Hannon,

API 570: Excellent training materials
I can only recommend the online training.
I passed the exam after the first attempt with the score of 82%.
A big advantage is that you can study when it suits you.
The additional explanations and examples help a lot, especially the multiple choice examples.
Without the online training of Atlas API training I don’t think I would have succeeded the exam.
Thanks for the help and the support.

Kind regards,
Stefan Robijns

Dear Atlasapitraining.com,

I am pleased to inform you that I have received my final score for the API 510 exam from September 2016. I obtained a score of 82% and I am 100% pleased with your training course. I found the material and structure of your course to be invaluable. I am ready to move forward with the API 570 training course for 2017 as soon as possible. Thank you for your personal time Mr. Hannon for addressing my concerns along this process. I have to say that the open book study guides were the most helpful for me to comprehend the material I found difficult.
I had previously took a 5 day classroom course and was not pleased with the outcome of spending two times the amount for the class as your online course; add in hotel, food, and rental car I could have saved myself valuable time and money having found your online course sooner.

Thank you,
Aaron Schoeman

I am forever grateful and thankful for your FULL support! I passed the test with a 90! And A! I was so nervous and worried before I recieved the results. God had a plan for success as long as I put the study time in. Your progam and online class helped me through the difficult parts of the BOK. It was all worth it! I will put a comment of recommendation on the web site. Have a blessed week. I will keep in touch, just in case I need your advice and coaching. Thank You! To God be the glory!

I just wanted to let you and OT know that the API 510 corse was solid! You were right, you put your time in and you'll come out on top and that I did. Just wanted to let you guys know and I'll be signing up for the 570 here shortly. Great online program and I'm glad I took it!

Joe Benoit

Covering the Atlas API 510 course has been very beneficial in covering areas of the exam that wasn't covered very well in another course I took in the past. Especially on the calculations ,the shortcuts for this wasn't confusing and long and drawn out and wasn't no war stories about the past job that had to use these kinda things to complete the project.I found it to help me out in a lot of areas that I never comprehended thru the other course.I would and will recommend this course to all my coworkers in the future,(new and old)

Thanks Shane


Just thought I would write a quick note. Passed the test on the first attempt! The training was absolutely invaluable. You may see from my training records that I completed only ~80% of the course. It's just that good! Thank you!
Expect an order for 510 shortly!!

Brian Pridemore

Last fall I signed up for both the API 510 & 570 online training courses with the intentions of taking my tests on the first available dates. Unfortunately due to a busy work schedule I was not able to take either of the tests on the first available dates and my online classes expired. I figured my training course fees were lost! So it was more than a pleasant surprise that when I contacted Mr. Hannon McLeod, he immediately restarted both my 510 & 570 training courses for NO FEE!! I completed both of the courses and on the next available test dates I successfully passed both my API 510 and 570 Exams. The courses were very informative and gave me all of the necessary knowledge and resources to pass the exams on my first attempt. Mr. Hannon wants to help and will do whatever he can to make your experience better. I would highly recommend this online training course program to anyone.

After taking the Atlas API 570 Course I was unable to take the exam due to work schedule. Once I was able to clear my schedule. I contacted Hannon McLeod at Atlas. Atlas reopened the course for me. After following all the instructions and doing the reading. I took the API 570 exam, passing with no problem. Thank you Atlas.

Ron Reuter
API 570

Greetings dear Sir,

Hope this note finds you well? I'm glad to inform you that I passed my API570 Exam.
Many thanks for your support.

Kind regards,
Abu Ali

Hi Hannon,

I thought your course was well done!  I'm usually pretty tough to please but I would recommend any of your classes for future training!

Thank you again!!
- Mike

Just writing to let you know that I passed my API 510 certification. Thanks for the training, it showed me what to study for. By the way I made a 92 on the test.

Thank you,
Micheal Geter

I recently signed up for API 510 online course. Upon completion I found every module  helpful having each  code context explained and useful ways of navigating sections. For a lot of us the ability of attending classroom is slim. Atlas gave me the opportunity to study on my own time and pace. I strongly recommend it.

- Mark

Good day to you sir, forgot to inform you but I passed my API 570 exam. Thanks for you help, I'm still planning on taking either the 510 or 653 later this year & most definitely will use Atlas API .

Best Regards,
Chris Hooper
API 570 Inspector

I am happy to inform you that I passed the API 510 Exam. I would recommend Atlas API Training to anyone who is preparing to pass an API exam. The main advantage of the class is that you can repeat the sections that you feel the weakest in and you can clarify any information that is unclear. The question banks are enormous and very similar to API original exam questions. The way that the detailed calculations were presented made them easy to understand.

Thanks to Atlas API training,
Vijayakumar, Australia.

Mr. Hannon,

This email is to inform you that I took my exam today and got the Preliminary Pass. Thank You for the course and I'm sure I will be back for the 570.

Roy N Burleson
Technical & Quality Manager

Mr. McLeod,

The API-510 Training module that I purchased was a great help, I wanted to thank you for your course and its content. It was right on target with the exam. The questions in each module were extremely helpful and prepared me well for the exam. Thank you again and I will definitely be recommending your course to a couple of my other associates that will be taking it in the spring.

Robert C.


I just wanted to inform you that your API 570 course helped me get a 82 on the exam. The course covered all the required information on the exam. It also got me up to speed quickly. The practice exams and work sheets which I used to prepare during the last week prior to the exam were very helpful. I did 5 practice exams averaging about 80-85 percent on the open book and 77 percent on the closed book exam. Thank you for the great study materials and course.

Best Regards,
Phillip Delape PE
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Dear Mr. Hannon

I am super happy to inform you that I didn't just passed I basically nailed the exam.

I have attached my results for your reference. (Score 92.8) If you like you may write any thing as a feed back and put it under my name on your website, because there is nothing you can say that I won't top it. That's how much I am happy with the course.

I would like also to send HUGE thanks to Mr. Lewis, what an amazing experienced instructor. I mean to put it into prospective I am 25 years old, english is my 3rd language, this is my first attempt on the exam. And look at my score.

Sometimes I don't know when to stop talking so I'll cut it short here. Again thank you guys, you rock. And I wish you all the best in your business.

Kaled Akkila.

To whom it may concern,

I write this with regards to a training provider for API 510 Pressure Vessel In-service Inspector. The training that I underwent was by way of online correspondence from Atlas API Training.

Firstly the course, albeit a little difficult to find amongst the many, it was exceptionally easy to enroll into and response time was swift. Communications with all staff was very timely and they understood my questions well and provided the necessary and accurate information. The training notes were sufficient compared to other vendors however I am yet to sit my exams. Quote “the fear of the unknown is worse than encountering the unknown”. There are approximately 850 questions available for self testing which has lifted my confidence.

As with any online course, input equals output. Online courses require much self discipline as opposed to the classroom however, Atlas are only to happy to extend the course login time should you need to extend for any reason.

Therefore, if you require more information or have additional questions that you require answering, then the staff are only too happy to oblige.

In closing, I can thoroughly recommend the Atlas API Training online course and should I require further training and qualifications, I will surely be using their services and system.

Good luck all,
Lew King, Australia
+61 (0) 447 624 929

Atlas Training, is a great study program!!!! I have been on several outages, this year. Without the ability to go to a classroom instructor led seminar. This program allows the opportunity to study anywhere in the world. The quizzes and exams are the best I have seen. They really hit all the areas, you need to be successful. I recommended this program, to my peers and to anyone looking to get into the inspection industry. Even if you do not have the required amount of experience. This class will help you see “THE BIG PICTURE”. In which you will become a more successful nondestructive tech , welder , operator etc. Just try one class and you will be hooked on the great online training program.

Graeme Rand M.Sc

Thanks to Hannon and the guys at Atlas API training. They helped me raise my API 570 score by 21 points for an 85% and get my first API certification. I really like the slow methodical approach which helps make even the most complicated topics seem simple. I recommend them to anyone and plan on registering for the 510 course next.

Jake Westerman
Spring, TX, USA

To Whom it may concern,

My name is David Nichols, I found Atlas API training by searching online for classes that would fit into my busy schedule; usually working 80+ hours per week. I emailed them directly and discussed how it all worked. I felt a little more comfortable with the program and decided to buy the API 510 course.

I connected to the internet through my hotspot and studied the material while working 7 days a week. It was very convenient and I found no glitches with their system; which was nice. I gave myself 3 months to study for the test and took no days of work except the 1 day before the exam. Missing no time at work was a big plus!

When I arrived at the Prometric test site I have to admit, I didn’t think that I would do great. Most people I spoke to went to an expensive class and I didn’t. When I started taking the test I was surprised at how well I was prepared. The information that Atlas provides is top of the line and will without a doubt help you pass the exam if you follow the course.

Thank you Atlas, I am now a certified API 510 inspector after passing the exam on my first try!!

David Nichols

Needing 40 hours of continuing education for my CWI recertification I signed up for the Atlas API 510 Overview Course. As someone unfamiliar with API certifications, the course was an excellent way to get an overview of the body of knowledge required for the API 510 certification. I would and have recommended this course to friends and colleagues.

Matt Daggett

I would like to thank the Atlas team for putting together such a great Couse. I just received the notification that I successfully passed my API 510 with a score of 94. The ability to study on my own time and go back and review the main subjects made a difference on my preparation.

Thank you.