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AWS CWI Online Training Courses

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The AWS CWI exam pass rate falls between 25 to 30 percent for the first attempt. This is due mostly to a lack of adequate preparation. Our goal is to increase the pass rate of our students to 100%. We believe so firmly in our online platform that those who do not pass the first time may retake the course for free.

Proper preparation for this exam requires a great deal of dedication and time. There is a vast amount of material to study in preparation for these exams. Our online program guides our students through the material in a proven, precise path, designed to maximize efficiency. You won't find our classes padded with unnecessary or unimportant content that might detour you from the end goal of passing the CWI exam.

All of the Atlas CWI courses are professionally designed to provide you with the easiest way to learn the exam study material. Our online learning system allows you to study from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can start and stop at your own pace and repeat the material as often as you like.

The lessons are set up as PowerPoint presentations with a voice-over from the instructor. The lesson quizzes are loaded with AWS CWI questions and answers that will help prepare you for the exam and build your confidence. All of our online CWI courses include comprehensive practice packages which can also be ordered separately.

A few years ago, Atlas pioneered the use of audio flashcards to boost exam preparation. Now our students can prepare for their exams while driving, working, or just relaxing. This is exclusive to Atlas and is a perfect supplement to our online classes and study material.

Don't waste your time and money learning material that won't be covered on the exam. No need to miss work and travel for conventional classroom training. Our online courses include all the critical AWS CWI study materials in an easy to use and effective format designed to get you a passing grade on your first try.

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