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A true a true authority in materials testing, analysis, and quality assurance.  Our history is a journey marked by expertise and innovation, all aimed at delivering unparalleled services that empower industries worldwide.

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Accurate Frac sand testing services for premium performance.  Discover accurate sand testing services at Material Spec Labs™.  Compliant with API 19C Standards, elevating proppant excellence in oil & gas.  We ensure peak efficiency and quality assurance.

Sieve Inspection and


Sieve inspection and verification services: Evaluating precision with ASTM E-11 Standards.  At Material Spec Labs, our Sieve Inspection and Verification Services are the cornerstone of precision in particle analysis. 

Accredited Sieve 


Third-party sieve analysis: ISO 17025:2017 accredited testing.  Elevate confidence and precision with expert third-party sieve analysis.  Guided by globally recognized standards.

Performance Testing and


Sieve performance testing services: The crucial need for calibration.  Unveiling superior accuracy with our sieve performance testing services.  At Material Spec Labs™, we take pride in offering unparalleled sieve performance testing services that redefine accuracy and reliability.

Elevating Excellence and Pioneering Precision in Services

WWith a commitment to precision and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of services. These include sieve analysis, accredited on-site inspection, verification, and sieve calibration via ASTM E 11 and ASTM E 2427 performance testing, and frac sand testing compliant to the most current API standard. Our team of experts, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensures we elevate industry standards and foster success across diverse sectors.

At Material Spec Labs, our mission is clear: providing reliable solutions that optimize processes, enhance quality control, and drive innovation. Whether it’s ensuring accurate particle size analysis or conducting API 19C frac sand testing, our services are designed to make a tangible difference.

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