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Online Visual Inspection (VT) Class: Levels I/II

The most convenient and economical way to meet the classroom requirements for ASNT VT I/II certification

Why Atlas Online NDT Classes?

Overall my experience with Hannon and Atlas was top notch
Henry Ottino, CWI Inspector

Overview of the Visual Inspection Class

The Atlas 24-hour online Visual Inspection course will satisfy the classroom training requirement in the multi-stage certification process. Our VT course is the most convenient and economical way to meet the requirements for "Body of Knowledge" and "General Test" recommendations as outlined in SNT-TC-1A. Upon completion of the Visual Inspection course and exam, the student will receive a certificate of completion.

Once you have completed the online class training and exam, you will need to then complete your hands-on practical training with your company-appointed instructor or an approved instructor at a training facility. You will also be required by your employer to pass your company's general and specific written exam and visual exam.

Visual Inspection - Levels I/II Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Visual Inspection
  2. Physics and Fundamentals of Visual Inspection
  3. Visual Inspection Techniques
  4. Basic Visual Inspection Equipment
  5. Visual Inspection of Welds
  6. Visual Inspection of Castings and Wrought Products
  7. Visual Inspection Procedures
  8. Elements of Vision
  9. Elements of Lighting
  10. Optics
  11. Advanced Visual Inspection Equipment
  12. Service-Induced Discontinuities
  13. Evaluation
  14. Codes, Standards, and Specifications

Listed below is our independent ASNT NDT Level III associate. If you need the services of a Level III, please feel free to contact him.

Gilbert Torres
Cert. #170865
Phone: 337-255-6157
Fax: 337-453-5000

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