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Online Visual Inspection (VT) Class: Levels I/II - 2020

The most convenient and economical way to meet the classroom requirements for ASNT VT I/II certification

Why Atlas Online NDT Classes?

I passed with a 90. Thanks a ton for your training program!
Eric Luke - Groves, TX

Overview of the Visual Inspection Class

The Atlas 24-hour online visual inspection training course will satisfy the classroom requirement in the multi-stage certification process. Our online ASNT visual inspection classes meet the requirements for "Body of Knowledge" and "General Test" recommendations as outlined in SNT-TC-1A. A training certificate will be issued upon satisfactory completion of all training material and exams.

NDT classroom training online by Atlas is a very convenient and economical way to achieve the required training hours.

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Visual testing is the most commonly used nondestructive testing method in the industry. Most test methods require that the inspector looks at the surface of the part being inspected which means that visual inspection is the first step for these other test methods. As the name implies, VT involves the visual observation of the surface of a test object to evaluate the presence of surface discontinuities. VT inspections may be by direct viewing, using line-of-sight vision, or enhanced viewing methods. Corrosion, misalignment of parts, physical damage and cracks are just some of the discontinuities that may be detected by visual examinations. Corrosion, misalignment, physical damage, and cracks are just some of the discontinuities that may be identified by visual inspection.

Visual Inspection - Levels I/II Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Visual Inspection
  2. Physics and Fundamentals of Visual Inspection
  3. Visual Inspection Techniques
  4. Basic Visual Inspection Equipment
  5. Visual Inspection of Welds
  6. Visual Inspection of Castings and Wrought Products
  7. Visual Inspection Procedures
  8. Elements of Vision
  9. Elements of Lighting
  10. Optics
  11. Advanced Visual Inspection Equipment
  12. Service-Induced Discontinuities
  13. Evaluation
  14. Codes, Standards, and Specifications

Listed below is our independent ASNT NDT Level III associate. If you need the services of a Level III, please feel free to contact him.

Bryan Lancon – Independent Consultant
ASNT NDT Level III / ACCP Professional Level III / NAS 410 Level 3
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 210-723-3347

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