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Online AWS D17.1 Exam Prep Course

Online training for the AWS D17.1 Exam

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AWS D17.1 Online Training Course

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This exam prep course will familiarize the student with the general welding requirements for welding aircraft and space hardware. It includes but is not limited to the fusion welding of aluminum-based, magnesium-based, iron-based, cobalt-based, nickel-based, and titanium-based alloys using electric arc and high energy beam processes.

AWS D17.1/D17.1M:2017 contains guidelines for fusion welding and examination of aerospace flight hardware, as well as the welding and inspection of non-flight hardware. When the AWS D17.1 specification is stipulated in contract documents, conformance with all provisions of the specification is required.

The document is broken up into 9 main clauses, with the earliest ones being devoted to general guidance, references, and background information, while the remainder address the design of welded connections, qualification for welding procedures and the welders performing them, fabrication when welding aerospace hardware, inspection, the repair of existing structures and nonflight hardware.

AWS D17.1/D17.1M:2017 Clauses

  • General Requirements
  • Normative References
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Design of Welded Connections
  • Welding Procedure and Performance Qualifications
  • Fabrication
  • Inspection
  • Repair of Existing Structures
  • Nonflight Hardware
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