API Training Courses

These are our current online training courses

Overview of API Training Courses

The API 510 and the API 570 online prep courses are divided into 19 lessons each.We also recently released the API 653 and the API 580 course. The courses are presented in a power point presentation with voice over commentary from our instructor, OT Lewis. In the 510 course there is an intensive overview of the 510 and the 572. In the 570 course there is an intensive overview of the 570 and the 574. The courses are designed to help you prepare for the new computer based certification exams. There are around 900 questions that are built into the courses in the form of quizzes. Each course can be completed three times or can be viewed for 120 days. We can make exceptions to this if you contact us. This allows a student to complete the course twice and have a review right before the test. The ability to go through the course three times will be invaluable when the time comes to take the certification exam.
Our courses will be constantly revised to meet the challenges of the ever changing API 510/570 certification examinations.

API Course Prices

Affordable, easy access, and lots of content within each course.

API 510
$ 799
  • 17 lessons with quizzes
  • 510 overview with 169 questions
  • 572 overview with 169 questions
  • 917 total questions
  • 3 downloadable practice exams
API 570
$ 799
  • 17 lessons with quizzes
  • 570 Overview with 269 quizzes
  • 574 Overview with 269 Quizzes
  • 912 Total Questions
  • 3 downloadable practice exams
API 653
$ 799
API 580
$ 799

Atlas API Training presently provides online preparation courses for API 510, API 570, API 580, API 1169, PT, MT and API 653 certification exams.