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In the past two years, I have taken the Atlas API 570 and 510 courses while working a busy schedule and I passed both tests the first try. I highly recommend Atlas to anyone instead of taking a one-week classroom course. I am currently enrolled in the CWI course and I feel extremely confident that I will get the same results.
Robert Bouvier - Vallejo, CA
API 510, API 570, API 580, API 653
Atlas API Online Training worked extremely well for me.  It allowed me to have a good family-work-study balance because I had access to the courses anytime.  I passed the API 653 exam using this online course, and I am currently using it to study for my API 570 exam. Thanks, Atlas!
Catherine Paez, San Antonio, TX
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
Atlas API Training and Hannon McLeod have been instrumental in my success in passing my CWI exam.  His courses are competitively priced and thorough to enable anyone with the dedication to expand their knowledge base and skill level to pass their CWI.  I will use no other online courses besides Atlas API.  I have full confidence that I will also be able to pass my API 1169 with Atlas API’s course in the near future.
Brian J. Foux - Sulfur, LA
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I just wanted to say thanks for the great online training you have created for the CWI. I took the API 1104 codebook exam and passed all my other exams with an 85% overall. This is my first time taking the test. In fact, I started doing the Atlas CWI training in May 2019 and took my tests in the middle to end of August. The training does a great job of preparing you in all aspects of the test.
Brady Kohli - Plain City, UT
CWI 9 Year Renewal, CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
With a busy schedule like mine, it was a blessing to find Atlas API Training, where I could conveniently work at home at my own pace.  The 9-year CWI certification course was easy to use and the instructors respond quickly to any concerns.
John Hunter - Orem, UT
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I have been studying for my CWI for a year now, since then I have taken other online courses. The Atlas online training is the only one I would recommend. It is superior to any online course that I know of. It is clearly written, easy to understand and very professionally organized. Best of all the Instructor support is always there when you need it.
Barry Desselles - Ponchatoula,Louisiana
API 653
I strongly recommend the Atlas API 510 prep course. I purchased the full course sometime around March 2019. I worked through the courses at my convenience and pace and I’m happy to say that I passed my API 510 this past June. This was my first attempt and I’m happy I chose Atlas. The course really prepared me for the test. Their practice tests, open book, and closed book were very similar to the actual test. I’m currently enrolled in Atlas’ API 570 prep course and I’m looking forward to another pass!
Wilfred Morton - Lafayette, LA
API 1169, API 510, API 570, API 580, API 653
Atlas is the best experience you can have to prepare for an API test. The modules are a breeze to go through and the simulated practice tests give you that test day atmosphere. With 4 months of training for the API 510, I was able to space out my studying and review anything I had trouble with. I was also able to study through a hectic turnaround schedule and not miss a day of work. In the end, I found myself more prepared than my colleagues who had taken a one week course. Atlas is the way to go.
Rudy Reyes - Houston, TX
API 510
API 510 online course was very informative. The course was very informative and this course has truly helped me to get the preliminary pass result in the first attempt. I would recommend the online course to anyone who wants to take the API 510 test.
Arjun Janamatti - Tulsa, OK
API 1169
I just wanted to thank you, again, for the savings and opportunity to take the API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Certification.  I took the test on April 5th, in Morgantown, WV, and passed.  The Atlas course was great and I wouldn't have passed without it.
Aaron D. Litman 
API 510, API 580
I have now purchased the materials for two API Certifications (510 & 580), and have been blown away at the amount of detail and level of effort that went into these. I found the materials to be concise and thorough and was excellent preparation for the actual exam. With 4 months of access to the materials, I had time to study at my own pace. I will recommend these online courses to everyone that is interested in taking an API exam going forward. Thanks for the great product!
John White - Lagrange, GA
API 570, API 653
I would like to thank the ATLAS API team for being supportive and available for my questions and requests.
Hamza Boutaleb - Port Harcourt, Nigeria
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
Good afternoon,
I wanted to let you know I passed my CWI exam with flying colors! Your material was very helpful! I surprised myself on how high I scored. 
Thanks for your help!
Kale Smith - Paden City, WV
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
Good morning, Hannon, I received my test results for my CWI and wanted to say thanks for providing me with a great study guide. It was easy to access and everything was explained well. Thanks for being responsive to all my calls. To others out there wanting a great exam preparation course, Atlas is the way to go. I will definitely take another Atlas online course.
Duane Lukawesky - Santa Rosa, CA - API 1169/NACE 3/ CWI
CWI Part B, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I just wanted to personally thank you for your online program that really helped me with the understanding of the Part B part of the exam. I took the API 1104 CWI test last year and failed Part B really bad because I was having trouble trying to apply the codebook to the replicas. The online course really helped me with going through all the steps that I needed to get the correct answer, the great thing about it is you can retake any course or test as many times as you like until you get a full understanding. I recommend paying the extra money to rent the Replicas and toolset like I did it was the best choice I've made.
Quartez Barnes - Port Allen, LA
API 1169
I took the API 653 certification in a class room and had to take vacation to do so. With Atlas, I took the API 1169 online class and I was able to work at it on my own schedule. The classroom took me ten days, online in total I may have worked the same in total hours. I would highly recommend this class and any from Atlas. Email response is faster than advertised in the class introduction. He is more than happy to help with anything. He wants to see us succeed. As soon as I finished my test I enrolled in the CWI class from Atlas. Good luck to everyone. Just study. You can do it.
Jesse Castillo - Kemah, TX
API 570
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hannon and Oran for a wonderful API 570 class. It prepared me for both the closed and open book portions of the exam in which I passed without any problems. When I had questions the communication and responses were the same day even on weekends. I was able to take the course at my pace from the comfort of my own home. Thanks again!
Ken Cross - Litchfield, IL
API 570
Just wanted to say thank you and the Atlas team for putting together such an awesome training session where I could advance in my career at my own pace and not have to miss work in the process. The way the information was put together was helpful in moving through the info and helped everything make sense. Thanks to your study program I am now a 570 inspector and just signed up for the 510.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to attain these certifications.
Moses Medel - Katy, TX
API 570, CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
Atlas online training did it again. I first went through their CWI course in 2018. I was so impressed with the CWI course content that there was nowhere else I was willing to go to help me prepare for the 570 exam. I was confident I would be prepared on the exam date. To be able to go through the content at your own pace allows you to take your time to really learn and understand the content. I would absolutely recommend Atlas for any training needs. API 510 is next and I’m definitely going through Atlas once again.
Andrew Ewest - Beaumont, TX
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI

I wanted to say thank you for offering such a well-rounded CWI course. I felt extremely confident taking the exam after completing your courses. I am proud to say I passed my CWI exam on the first try with a 87 average.
Tyler Fitzpatrick - Tonawanda,NY
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