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CWI 9 Year Renewal
I just wanted to take the opportunity to share my impressions of the API course for AWS CWI 9-Year recertification.
The API course was exactly what I was looking for in order to renew my 9-Year CWI. The online lessons were very intuitive and easy to navigate and complete.
The sheer convenience of working through the course at my own pace was a huge benefit. I have many responsibilities with work etc. and the course enabled me to maintain other priorities.
I would highly recommend the Atlas route for anyone in need of the 9-Year CWI renewal. Now all I have to do is find time to go to the eye doctor (ha ha).
Julian M. Pedrazzani Plant Manager L.B. Foster Co., Bedford, PA
API 510
Atlas API helped me set my own pace. Between being a new father of twin girls and having to deal with a major turnaround at my place of employment, the traditional 6 to 12-day classes that were offered would not work. I also live in California and you have to add to that a day or two of travel going to Texas and back. Mr. McLeod was kind enough to accommodate my situation by extending my access to the course. Thanks to Atlas API I was able to pass my Pressure Vessel inspection exam with great confidence!
Patrick Cruz - Martinez, CA Patrick Cruz - CWI, API 653, API 570, API 510
API 570
With the atlas API 570 training course I was able to obtain a preliminary pass on the first attempt. Overall my experience with Hannon and Atlas was top notch. I plan on enrolling in the 510 online course immediately following my final results from API. The fact that the course is online, makes it super convenient for someone who is not able to attend a classroom setting. The Quiz bank and practice exams were extremely helpful as well as the audio flashcards. I will definitely recommend this course to fellow inspectors. Thanks, Hannon and O.T. for putting these great courses together, you both are making a huge impact on people’s lives and I hope you understand how much we appreciate your help.
Henry Ottino, - Schertz, TX
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I took the CWI class. I went into the class thinking I had a slim chance of passing the test. As I started going through the course material my confidence started to build. It is amazing the amount of information in this course. When it was time to take the test my confidence was high. Even for the dreaded Part "B". Needless to say, I passed the test on the first try. Thanks, Atlas.
Mike Gist - Van Nuys, California
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I just want to thank you for doing such a great job with the online CWI prep course. Thanks to your course, I found the time to prepare myself before the exam. As an offshore inspector, I was able to manage my work and study. The audio flashcards helped a lot when traveling from state to state. I have successfully passed my CWI exam. I will definitely recommend this course to future testers.
Mario Trevino - Pasadena, TX
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I recently purchased the Part B CWI online study guide from Atlas and it is truly "The Best" online course on the internet. The course has the best layout of information that I have ever seen on an online course. There are many quiz questions built into the course. There is an interactive quiz system that will allow you to know where to find the correct answer to any questions...
Paul C. - South Carolina
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I especially want to thank your team for putting together the wonderful preparatory material for taking AWS CWI exam.

I totally recommend the material to any prospective AWS CWI candidate.

Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
Michael Abu, - Corr. & Insp Engr. - Shell Nigeria Sea Eagle FPSO.
API 510
Just to assure that this course is legit and very detailed for the ones that are pursuing a career path. I received my results for the 510 and got a pass on the first attempt. I am completely satisfied with the course structure and outline. I am a firm believer in "what effort is put in is the results that should be expected". I put in the effort and got my return investment. I love the flexibility of studying on your own time while not having to sacrifice time off of work. Thanks, ATLAS!!!
Jacob Hales - Baskin - La
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
Atlas offers the very best in online training and preparation for the CWI Exam. Not only were the online courses outstanding and helpful but Hannon himself was always available via telephone to answer and clarify any and all questions I had before my test date. If you are looking for a NO BS online learning program then do not hesitate to go to Atlas Training, you will not regret it one bit. Thanks again Hannon for helping me achieve my goal.
Paul Creighton - Maggie Valley, NC
While choosing a path to study for my API 570, like many, I was offered an array of training options. After reading other testimonials, I decided to purchase the online program from Atlas API Training. I put in the time and utilized the information in the course and scored a 90% on my first attempt!! Hannon is definitely a class act as he quickly answered any questions I had. Guys, this is the real deal. I am purchasing my 510 course tonight.
Todd Shafer - Pasadena, TX
API 570
I took the Atlas API 570 training course with no other study resources and was able to attain a preliminary pass on my first attempt at the API 570. I am currently enrolled in the API 510 training course and look forward to taking my API 510 next month and hopefully I can pull off another first attempt pass. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a helpful study tool and look forward to continuing to use these resources for my future certifications as well!
Jason Dutterer - Tomball, TX
API 510, API 570
I found myself in familiar waters with the 510 training modules and course set up, as I had already used Atlas' API 570 training. I was able to easily follow along in my codebooks with the course instructor. I especially like the way the modules are set up to give you an overview of the body of knowledge and then followed up with more in-depth lessons on each section. All of the calculations are explained well and the examples given are easy to follow.

I would definitely recommend this training for anyone who is about to take an API exam. Whether your knowledge base is minimal or comprehensive, you should always give yourself the best opportunity to pass. Atlas provides that opportunity to you as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.
Elliott Puana-Martin - Lake Elsinore, CA
API 570
When deciding the best way to study for my 570, I asked multiple people what was best for them. A lot of people recommended that I try the Atlas program. I gave it a shot and I wasn't disappointed. They really helped me narrow down what I needed to study, and focus in on the important information. The other thing I like about online training is that I can skip ahead or repeat as much as I need to. I feel like in a class setting you either get it, or you don't, but either way they have to keep it moving. Plus the cost was a driving factor since I have a family and want to spend as little time away from them as possible. Thanks to Atlas for being a convenient and affordable option.
Marc Weidner - Phoenix, AZ
API 510, API 570, API 653
Atlas API Training has afforded me to obtain the 510, 570, and 653. All of the programs are really engaging to the student. Having the ability to study everything online is just, a plus! I just took the 653 exam, and I can say that if it wasn't for the course being online, I would not have been able to pass the exam without going to a forty-hour course. I would have been out of pocket at least $4,300 for the course and hotel etc. I recommend all of Atlas' training to all my co-workers.
Graeme Rand Jr, M.ScVP, Industrial Quality Services
API 510
Thanks for providing such a thorough API 510 training program online. This will be my study method for my next certification in the fall/winter of this year for the API 653.
Darius Davis - Gautier, Mississippi
API 570
Hi Hannon,

I completed a 570 course with you in 2016 (I passed got 96% on exam thanks to your online course)

Dan - Limerick, Ireland
API 570
Hello Hannon,

API 570: Excellent training materials. I can only recommend the online training. I passed the exam after the first attempt with a score of 82%. A big advantage is that you can study when it suits you. The additional explanations and examples help a lot, especially the multiple-choice examples. Without the online training of Atlas API training, I don’t think I would have succeeded in the exam. Thanks for the help and support. Kind regards,
Stefan Robijns - Belgium
API 510

I am pleased to inform you that I have received my final score for the API 510 exam from September 2016. I obtained a score of 82% and I am 100% pleased with your training course. I found the material and structure of your course to be invaluable. I am ready to move forward with the API 570 training course for 2017 as soon as possible. Thank you for your personal time Mr. Hannon for addressing my concerns along this process. I have to say that the open book study guides were the most helpful for me to comprehend the material I found difficult. I had previously taken a 5-day classroom course and was not pleased with the outcome of spending two times the amount for the class as your online course; add in hotel, food, and rental car I could have saved myself valuable time and money having found your online course sooner. Thank you,
Aaron Schoeman - Santa Maria, CA
CWI Part A, CWI Part B, CWI Part C, CWI with Weld Replicas, Full CWI
I am forever grateful and thankful for your FULL support! I passed the CWI test with a 90! And A! I was so nervous and worried before I received the results. God had a plan for success as long as I put the study time in. Your program and online class helped me through the difficult parts of the BOK. It was all worth it! Have a blessed week. I will keep in touch, just in case I need your advice and coaching. Thank You! To God be the glory!
Allen Robinson - Arlington, TX
API 510
I just wanted to let you and OT know that the API 510 course was solid! You were right, you put your time in and you'll come out on top and that I did. I just wanted to let you guys know and I'll be signing up for the 570 here shortly. Great online program and I'm glad I took it!
Joe Benoit - Pittsburgh, PA
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